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wool rugs gallery

Most of these rugs are made in recycled wool from a winding company in Yorkshire. There is a wide range of yarns so the desired colour can always be matched to a tee. A wide range of other yarns (e.g. flax, bouclé and gold threads) can be added to the wool for interesting effects.

As in the case of rag rugs, Katarina enjoys incorporating recycled personal materials in her wool designs. An interesting example is the rug “Älskling” where bits of the client’s favourite woolly jumper have been woven into the weft.

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended for the wool rugs.

Alsking Wool rug

älskling (darling)

wool yarn and jumper (150 x 245cm)

Alskling Room image

Birch Psalm Wool rug

birch psalm

wool and flax boucle yarn
(160 x 240cm)

Birch Psalm Room

Hearth Wool rug


wool (80 x 240cm)

Hearth in kitchen Wool rug



Bauer Wool rug


wool and gold threads (72 x 152cm)

Bauer with chairs Wool rug



Waves image

making waves

wool (50 x 80cm)

Making Waves room

Green dream imagegreen dream

wool (73 x 180cm)

Green dream gallery